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Clover Drilling & Completions International (CloverDCI) business unit is launched

February 2014

(Houston, TX)  CloverDCI is a specialized practice providing Turnkey Services, Drilling Advisory Services, Project Management and Operations Consulting.

Timely article appearing in the Houston Chronicle Jobs section - in print on June 30, 2013

June 2013

(Houston, TX)  Hurricane season is here again.  Chris Sutton, partner was quoted in the newspaper article headlined "Offshore industry faces challenges when weather changes". 

Clover article appearing in the NIOBRARA RREPORT Magazine - June / July 2013 issue

June 2013

(Houston, TX)  Clover's article about "Staffing Firm Strategies for Oil and Gas" is a part of this contemporary digital publication on pg. 38-41. 

Clover article appearing in the Bakken Oil Business Journal - April/May 2013 issue

April 2013

(Houston, TX)  Article about "Minimizing Operational Risk through Information Technology" appeared in this issue. 

Clover article appearing in PileBuck Magazine - 2013 Volume 29 Issue 1

February 2013

(Houston, TX)  The Clover article titled "ULTRA-DEEPWATER DRILLING ON THE RISE" was featured in this publication. 

Clover's co-authored article as appearing in PennEnergy Jobs Magazine

January 2013

(Houston, TX)  Article entitled "Surviving Acquisitions and Divestitures - A Guide for Oil & Gas Professionals co-authored by Ron Nickelson and Salman Mumtaz of Clover as appearing in the Winter 2012 issue of PennEnergy Jobs magazine.

Article about Clover's online search tool as appearing in E&P Magazine

December 2012

(Houston, TX)  Article entitled "Searching for the best" details how Clover's online search tool, Clover One World, could render resumes obsolete as appearing in the December issue of E&P Magazine.

Clover article as appearing in the current Bakken Oil Business Journal

November 2012

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions article about "The Seven Major U.S. Shale Plays" in the Oil and Gas Industry was featured in the November-December issue of the Bakken Oil Business Journal. 

Press Release

October 2012

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions Earns Double-Digit Growth Over Three Years - Staffing solutions company for Oil and Gas Industry overcomes workforce shortages to successfully serve Clients.  For more information read press release.  

Clover is honored at the Houston Business Journal Fast 100 Awards

September 2012

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions, LP was proud to be honored again this year for our company's growth during 2009 - 2011 at the annual HBJ Fast 100 Awards luncheon.  See a photo from this event and follow us on Twitter! 

Replay our webinar held on August 7, 2012: Understanding Staffing Challenges in the Energy Industry

August 2012

(Houston, TX)  Join Peoplefluent and Ron Nickelson, Director of Global Recruitment at Clover Global Solutions, to learn about five key areas that are essential in successful workforce management withing the Oil & Gas Industry.

Houston Business Journal: When the going got tough, energy industry staffing firm Clover Global Solutions got creative

July 2012

(Houston, TX)  The year was 2009, and things were looking pretty serious. We, as a company, were drowning in people looking for jobs, and there weren't any jobs.  The technology we had in mind was a program that could "profile" applicants based on many factors, such as background with various employers, combinations of skills and experience in selected environments.  Our web development effort created Clover One World. Read HBJ article.

Press Release: Clover Global Solutions to Host Oil and Gas Workforce Management Webinar

July 2012

(Houston, TX)  Excellence in Thought Leadership Webinar, titled Undersatanding Staffing Challenges in the Energy Industry, to be held on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 12:00 PM Central Time. See related press release for more information.

Expert's Corner: Staffing Industry Analysts article by Chris Sutton, Partner at Clover Global Solutions, LP

July 2012

(Houston, TX)  The oil and gas industry is stong and experiencing significant workforce growth, making it an attractive target for staffing companies.  However, there are complexities within this industry that staffing firms should be aware of.  This article addresses briefly four key areas. 

Two Years after Macondo: A Gulf of Mexico Status Update

June 2012

(Houston, TX)  It's been two years since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and the resulting moratorium on offshore drilling in those waters.  After an expected lull in production, the oil and gas industry has made a comeback.  Here's a closer look at the status of drilling in GOM today.

Register or Update your Profile in Clover One World - you may win an Apple® iPad 2!

September 2011

(Houston, TX)  For more information see contest page on Clover One World.  2012 is expected to bring many new opportunities for top talent to be involved with some of the Oil & Gas Industry’s most notable projects. Don’t miss out just because we did not have your current information!

Top 10 Finalist for Houston Business Journal Survey

August 2011

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions, LP has been notified it is a Top 10 Finalist in the annual Top 100 survey conducted by the Houston Business Journal based upon operational results achieved in 2010.  Clover has often been recognized during the past 10 years for its growth and consistent successes.

The Clover Contingent Workforce Assessment Program

August 2011

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions evaluates Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Compliance, Continuity Planning, VMS, Critical Event Response & Recovery for its current and prospective Clients.  An audit of these 6 Key Areas may be arranged.  For more information please see our related Summary.

Clover One World Virtual Recruiter Network Expands

July 2011

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions, LP is significantly increasing the talent acquisition resources available to its Client with expansion of the Clover One World Virtual Recruiter Network.  Projects are ramping up and demand for direct hire and contract talent requires this unique global approach.

Clover Cross Walk Program – Putting Americans back to Work

June 2011

(Houston, TX)  The retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, changes to the Constellation Program and other reductions in government funding is resulting in 4,100 layoffs of highly skilled and talented local Aerospace Industry contractors. Clover Global Solutions, through a pilot program initially focusing on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), is enabling the transfer of skills and talent from the Aerospace to the Energy Industry.  For more information please see our related Summary.

Clover and Peoplefluent establish VMS/MSP Alliance

May 2011

(Houston, TX)  In partnership with Peoplefluent (also known as Peopleclick Authoria), Clover offers a VMS/MSP Solution specifically for Exploration & Production to manage the consolidated resource pool of Subject Matter Experts, Sole Proprietors, and Specialty Vendors unique to the Energy Industry.

Full Cycle Recruiting Program Launched

April 2011

(Houston, TX)  The addition of key personnel dedicated to Full Cycle Recruiting for Candidates and Clients enables Clover to also better serve its Employees and Independent Contractors worldwide.

Clover Establishes Vendor Partner Program

February 2011

(Houston, TX)  The Clover Global Solutions Vendor Partner Program (VPP) is a collaborative community of Contractors and Small Businesses whose common denominator is providing consulting services to the Oil & Gas Industry.  Members are able to validate eligibility as an Independent Contractor and gain visibility for Client consulting opportunities before a job opening is even posted.

Independent Contractor Risk Management - 1099 Compliance Program

November 2010

(Houston, TX)  The misclassification of employees as Independent Contractors exposes companies to significant financial risk including back taxes, penalties, and legal fees to defend compliance with applicable law.  Clover’s solution for Independent Contractor Risk Management – 1099 Compliance Program features:

  • Dedicated Subject Matter Experts
  • Augments Corporate Policy
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Technology Driven
  • Contemporary Focus
  • Designed to Inform, Educate
  • Comprehensive Vetting
  • Compliance Defense File
  • 1099 Contractors, Corp-to-Corp, and Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Scalable
  • VMS Friendly
  • Support Services


Clover Communicator

September 2010

(Houston, TX)  Please download our current company Newsletter.


Oil Spill Net Profits Donated by Clover to National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

July 2010

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions has entered into an agreement with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, whereby Clover Global Solutions will donate proceeds from net profits for the placement of technical and professional personnel supporting the Deepwater Horizon incident.  Funds donated to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will be used for conservation projects in the Gulf of Mexico region to save wildlife due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

"As a diver having spent untold hours photographing sea life and witnessing sea turtle hatching success in Cozumel Mexico it makes this an easy decision.  All these delicate creatures will need a serious amount of help.  Profiting from the spill just didn't feel right," said Chris Sutton, Clover Partner.  Please see our related Press Release.


Clover Global Solutions Launches Critical Event Response & Recovery Program

October 2009

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions, LP has launched the Oil & Gas Industry's first "Critical Event Response & Recovery Program" module within their Clover One World web-based application: www.c1wsolutions.com to complement business continuity planning and mitigate disaster risks.  Oil & Gas companies operate in areas where they are exposed to unrecoverable risk.  While prepared, critical events have challenged our Clients throughout their duration.  Oil & Gas companies need to anticipate interruptions and pre-position critical resources ahead of time, including access to the personnel who know their facilities, their operations and their culture.  Utilizing Clover's patent pending technology, skilled professionals benefit from Client-indexed search criteria providing an exact match for their project.  Please see our related Press Release.


Clover One World growth exceeds Clover expectations

September 2009

(Houston, TX)  Since its official launch in June, 2009 the number of Candidates registering their skills and experience via Clover One World has increased an average of 300% per month.  Many of the individuals have done so in addition to applying for specific positions that are available with Clover’s Clients.  Those who have done so are much better able to market themselves and be matched to Clover’s recruiting activities.  Please see our related Press Release.


Clover One World has completed Salary Benchmarking

July 2009

(Houston, TX)   With the price of oil now down more than 50% from its peak during 2008 many projects have been delayed due to economics that now longer accommodate such third-party spending. Clover One World has completed salary benchmarking that addresses the lag between current supply and demand for resources and 2004-2008 economics.  Please see our related Press Release.


Clover Launches Breakthrough Technology Platform - Enables Quick Finds and Hires

June 2009

(Houston, TX)  Clover Global Solutions launched Clover One World (C1W) an online database management tool for Clover Clients enabling them to search, qualify, and hire either individuals or entire teams.  Unlike now outdated resume-based systems, C1W provides real-time viewing and matching of a Candidate’s skills, experience, compensation and preferences enhancing Clover Clients' competitive position and a Candidate's chances of getting quickly selected and hired.  Please see our related Press Release.


Clover One World Strategy Launched

November 2008

(Houston, TX)  Please download our related Communications.

Clover resumes full operation, "Hot Desk" established to assist Clients and Consultants in timely communications

September 2008

(Houston, TX)  In the aftermath of Hurricane IKE on Wednesday, 9/17 our headquarters regained full operational capabilities. "In the event power was not yet restored by this time we were prepared to execute our off-site contingency plan," stated Carolyn J. Sutton, Managing Partner.  "Fortunately, this was not necessary and our payroll cycles remain unchanged.  We have also now established a "Hot Desk" for the benefit of improving timely communications between our Clients and Consultants.  In fact, if any Client or other company has a critical need to engage any contingent workforce personnel they should call us at 281-994-5900 and ask to be transferred to the "Hot Desk".  We provide same day service, i.e. "consider it done."


                     Disaster Relief Fund - Donate Now!

KPMG identifies major skills shortage as potentially the biggest single threat Oil Companies must overcome

August 2008

(Houston, TX)  In a recent publication Anthony Lobo, Partner, KPMG in the UK, and Head of the UK’s Oil and Gas practice said, “The rapid growth of the National Oil Company sector has outstripped the availability of employees in many parts of the world, and it is now a real risk to the future of some of these companies as they and their contractors struggle to meet demand and deal with the issues created by a workforce approaching retirement age.”  Clover specializes in attracting and retaining the skills and experience of employees who wish to continue their careers.  "We are now providing this concierge service to 60% of the world's largest oil and gas companies," commented Kevin Farnsworth, Strategic Business Manager.  "Clover is meeting our Client's most critical needs by providing a safe harbor to safely re-engage their former employees."  

"Coopetition" strategy fast tracks Clover start-up for Angola; Indonesia; Malaysia; and UAE

May 2008

(Houston, TX)  Increasing global demand for Professional/Technical expertise has resulted in Clover taking a non-traditional approach in order to accelerate start-up at designated locations.  Clover has engaged a "Coopetition" strategy to fast track operational capabilities in Luanda, Angola; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Dubai, UAE.

Working together, collectively enhancing performance, sharing complementary resources and committing to common goals results in sharing a larger opportunity rather than competitively striving to take from each other.  Our strategy clearly recognizes our "partners" also compete by taking independent action in other areas to drive profitability. 

"We have quite thoroughly embraced coopetition as the strategy to meet our major Client needs. These strategic tactics, policies, and approaches are problem-solving solutions," states Greg Plotner, Clover Special Projects Director, and further comment to schedule speaks to our commitment. "While I admit it is enthusiastic, current schedule is to be fully operational in these destinations no later than November 30, 2008."   

Clover International Group Limited established to provide support for Consultants based in the UK

February 2008

(Houston, TX)  In order to provide local payroll, tax filing and the level of concierge services to which our employees have grown accustomed Clover has established operations in Egham, Surrey which will now support Consultants who are based in the UK and assigned to our Client projects in Europe and the Caspian region.

Clover provides HSE and Technology Update, Details Applications and Systems Plans for 2008

December 2007

(Houston, TX)  Please download the related News Release.

Clover Rus quadruples in size: Industry continues to tap the Clover network for critical resources needed to support operations in Russia

November 2007

(Moscow, Russia) Clover’s Russian affiliate, Clover Rus, has seen unprecedented growth since the middle of 2007. With demand for Oil and Gas products at an all-time high and unrest in the Middle East, Russia has become a new hotbed of activity for the industry. This activity ranges from onshore work in the Siberian Plains to offshore prospects near Sakhalin Island.

Clover’s world-recognized consulting experts have been integral in the development of these fields, particularly in Tyumen and Niznevartovsk through their knowledge and experience in Drilling, Completions, Fracture Stimulation and HSE support. Though the growth in this region has been rapid in the last quarter, it shows no signs of slowing. As these current projects move into production phases additional exploration and development opportunities are just around the corner.

Clover Recruiting Team is providing new Client services

October 2007

(Houston, TX)  Earlier this year Clover signed a 3-year contract not only for the Super Major Client’s upstream project work, but to include all business units including downstream and chemical operations.  We have now have tripled the size of our Recruiting Team to better service existing Clients and added new Clients via contract placement, contract to hire and contingency placement

And we continue to improve the level of service that we provide our Clients.  We have grown our Client Services staff in order meet the goal of achieving a higher level of service while leveraging existing Client relationships in a “win-win” situation for both Clients and for Clover.  Clover expects to further diversify its Client base in 2008.

Clover Recognized Among Houston Fast 100 for 2006

November 2007

(Houston, TX) For the fifth year in a row, Clover Global Solutions LP has been recognized as one of the city's most successful small businesses by the Houston Business Journal.  This year, Clover was again ranked the in Top 100, with a growth rate of XX% for calendar 2006.

If you are a corporation seeking superior contingent consultants for international assignments, or a consultant/contractor seeking opportunities abroad, contact Clover.  

Clover Global tapped for elite Subsea Pipelay Team for new development project in Offshore West Africa.

October 2006

(Houston, TX) Clover has recently deployed a team of world-renowned pipelay experts for an intensive three month assignment off the coast of West Africa. This team consists of experts from all over the world with more than 150 years of combined experience in the subsea field. The Clover team members will be an integral part of this exciting new venture for a rapidly growing mid-market operator that stands to double its production and activity levels with this project.

Clover Recognized Among Houston Small Business 100 for 2005


May 2006

(Houston, TX) For the fourth year in a row, Clover Global Solutions LP has been recognized as one of the city's most successful small businesses by the Houston Business Journal.  This year, Clover was ranked 28th among the Top 100, with more than $29 million in gross revenue for 2005.    related HBJ article

Clover Launches Clearinghouse for Health, Safety and Environment


March 2006

(Houston, TX) Clover Global Solutions LP, the industry leader in providing contingent workforce employment and 1099 compliance solutions to Fortune 100 companies, today announces the launch of an online collaborative community for HSE trainers, subject matter experts, other contingent HSE professionals and hiring organizations:  Clover HSE.  You can read the entire Clover HSE News Release.

Clover Recognized Among Houston's Top 50 Woman-Owned Businesses

September 2005

(Houston, TX) For the third year in a row, Clover Global Solutions has been recognized as one of Houston’s Top 50 Woman-Owned Businesses by the Houston Business Journal. This year, Clover was ranked 15th among the top 50, with more than $28 million in gross revenue and more than 300 employees for 2004. Over the past year, Clover has been able to increase revenues and market share in today’s uncertain economy.

The Houston Business Journal’s Annual Top 50 Woman-Owned Business Awards was held on September 9, 2005 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston and recognized the top 50 woman-owned businesses in the Houston area for their contribution to the local economy.

In addition to the Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses, Clover has been a high-ranking member of the Top 100 Small Businesses in Houston for the past three years. The 2005 Top 100 Awards were held in May where Clover was awarded a ranking of 21st.

Clover’s business model is based around the idea that strong relationships build successful businesses. Carolyn Ortega-Sutton, President of Clover, believes, “If we can Save Our Clients Money, Put More Money In Our Employees’Pockets, and Make a Reasonable Profit Ourselves we have a ‘Win to the 3rd Power.’With Clover’s business model, everybody wins.”

Clover Expands Moscow Office via Strategic Alliance with Clover Rus, LLC

August 2005

(Houston, TX) Clover has long been distinguished as a provider of world-class consultants to the Oil and Gas Industry. With experience providing services worldwide, and access to superior international talent, the company was recently selected by a multinational oil and gas company to provide specialized, knowledge-based consultants for international growth opportunities, including regions in Russia and Sakhalin projects. To meet this unprecedented demand Clover is increasing its worldwide presence by expanding its office in Moscow via its strategic alliance with a Russian-owned company, Clover Rus, LLC.

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